• Loi Krathong Festival of Lights

    Loi Krathong – Festival of Lights – Chiang Mai, Thailand The night she said yes!

  • Koh Tao, Thailand

  • Welcome to Bangkok

     So, imagine a sensory overload…  Now times that by ten… This is Bangkok, with all of it’s good and all of it’s bad. It’s exciting and intoxicating. Stirring and provocative. Loud and bustling. Hot and humid. Weird and wild. Dusk till dawn till dusk, up and down the sidewalks and on every street corner lies …

  • Hello Switzy-Land (a.k.a. Switzerland)!

      Hello Switzy-Land (a.k.a. Switzerland)! .     .     . So today we are on a train yet again. This one more beautiful than the last. Passing Lake Geneva is pretty unreal. But all together, Switzerland is like a painting that we just stepped into. ‘Happy little trees.’ And I now truly understand …